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What You Can Learn From “No Means NO!”

What You Can Learn From "No Means NO!"
Hey, Joe from Digital Success World here.
I was at home in my cave yesterday, quiet, secluded – just how I like it, when I had a rather angry email through from a client, regarding my clinic’s appointment deposit terms and conditions.
A brief glance at the email and I knew this would have to be a phone call to sort this shit show out, so I got on the phone.
“Good afternoon, this is Joe from Peak Performance; I understand you’re looking to get your deposit back for your treatment”.
Client: “Yes, I changed my mind about the treatment, but your receptionist told me I can’t get my money back”.
Me: “Yes unfortunately that’s correct. The deposit is a commitment by yourself to come for treatment and it’s a policy of which is detailed in our terms and conditions”.
Client: “But it doesn’t say that anywhere! You can’t do that!”
Me: “With all dear respect madam, we’re well within our rights to do that and it is the industry norm”.
Client: “No it isn’t! You haven’t stated anywhere about non-refundable deposits and you’re not allowed to do that!” (It’s clearly fucking stated in our T’S & C’S)
Now I won’t go on any more about this because quite frankly, the conversation went back and forth like this for some time, with it ending in the same manner – NO, you CAN’T have your money back.
There’s a few things I wanna highlight here from this display of complete numbskullery:
Firstly, if you operate your own business, you are well within your rights to operate it however the fuck you see fit. In other words, you run it in accordance with what’s easiest for you, not the customer (they’re DEFINITELY not always right)
Secondly, people seem to be becoming more entitled as the years go by. No means no, is it really that hard to comprehend?
(As an aside – so many wannabe online business owners fail simply because they’re too entitled, and simply  aren’t willing to work hard and learn before they start seeing the fruits of their labor.)
Thricely, you are wrong, and it seems that you do not have a scooby doo about what you’re talking about.

Thing is though, people love their opinions about things they know nothing about, don’t they?

Just yesterday three Opinions I stumbled into made my eyes water, my brain shrink, and my faith in humanity dwindle even further:

  1. The “millionaire accountants’ coach” bleating about how not putting your prices on your website is bad advice (it’s not — it’s excellent advice, although, for reasons I can see are obvious, she won’t understand why this is because her understanding of pricing is rudimentary at best)
  2. The social media “guru” who used some announcement by Trustpilot to declare “social media is the way to go” for all businesses. This is so deeply, profoundly, and fractally Wrong I’ll write about this in a separate email. Just for now, suffice it to say it’s perhaps the worst advice I’ve seen from anyone since Marx suggested Socialism was A Good Idea.
  3. The NLP Zombie proclaiming (sic) “You can do the impossible!!! NOTHING is impossible!!!”. No. You can’t. If you achieve something you hitherto believed to be impossible then your original analysis was wrong and it was possible. You were wrong, in other words. Just like you are when you say dumb shit like that (it’s easy to prove logically the statement “nothing is impossible” is a paradox, but we’ll save that for another day).

All this goes to show one thing: you have to be real careful whom you listen to.

But I don’t expect you to take anything I say at face-value, and anyone who knows me will tell you I value being correct over being right.

And that’s why I insist on taking you through The Process of starting an online business, and metaphorically holding your hand, if you will.

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Talk soon.