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My Not So Sunny Story...

  If you wake up every morning and ask yourself, “Why the hell am I doing this?”, knowing there’s a better way to live your life…

  …And on top of that you spend so much time commuting and working, you never really get to connect with your loved one’s, and with all the cutbacks in today’s economy, you stress about the possibility of redundancy…

  …you’re in the right place.

  About 4 years ago I was working for a well know gym chain over here in the UK as a personal trainer, pulling 12 hour shifts, working with unappreciative clients, and pretty much losing my sanity every time the manager tried to micromanage me.

  Thing is, it was all my fault.

  I’d created this living hell out of an obsession to make money, and be what I considered at the time to be, “successful”.

  Yeah, right.

  The only thing i’d succeeded in was alienating my friends, and pissing off my girlfriend to the point where she almost left me (literally, she was on the doorstep with her bags when I got home one night).

  That cut REALLY deep.

  Deep enough that I spent every waking night on my laptop, painstakingly searching for ways to end this nightmare I was in.

  Then, as is with all happy endings, I came across something that would change my life, but also change the way I looked at earning money.

  Fast forward 4 years and I now own a 6-figure health and wellness clinic here on the South coast of the UK, and I run an online direct response marketing, copywriting and coaching business, of which I’m rapidly scaling with the aim of surpassing my clinic’s income.

  My dream’s always been to be completely location independent, and with the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired, it’s only a matter of time before I become one of those, “digital nomad’s”.

  Wanna know how I acquired that knowledge and know-how in the first place?

  Well, you’d be a marble short of a full set if you didn’t.

  You can access the same training, tools and know how that I came across 4 years ago by clicking the link below.

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  – Joe Searle

  P.S – The best part about all this? – it’s something you can set up once, and reap the financial benefits from it for months or years to come.

  In other words… it works on autopilot!

  So, you’ve got three options to choose from:

  1. You can continue down the road you’re on – the long commutes, staying in a job that’s causing you stress, ruining your personal life, and working for a boss that treats you like crap and watches your every move…

  2. You can go it yourself, try to figure out the right opportunity for you, and experience frustration after frustration, losing money and your sanity in the process…


  3. You grab yourself some proven, real world online business training, that cost’s you nothing but your time, and be hand held in the process of creating a legit income on the internet that revolves around your passion’s and interest’s (you can keep your wallet or your purse in your pocket cos’ there’s nothing to buy).

  You can get access here.

  Don’t get me wrong, this training’s got everything you need to create your very own 24/7 money making business, but as with EVERYTHING in business, it’s gonna take hard work and commitment on your part.

  Sadly, training’s and tool’s don’t grow businesses, but when people absorb and apply… 

  Well, let’s just say ONE great idea could change everything for you.

  And if you’re thinking right now that you’re, “not the entrepreneurial type”, or you, “don’t have the time…

  None of that matter’s one bit!

  Because this training allows you to get the ship moving WITHOUT spending hours every day squirreling away on your laptop, and it walk’s you through everything as if you’d never even seen a computer before.

  Sound’s good right?


  So grab your Free training and online business start-up bundle here.

Joe Searle - 6 figure wellness clinic owner, email copywriter & online business advocate